Friday, March 20, 2009



They asked, "Why are you smiling as your love departs?"
To which I queried, "Mayhap I should weep? Wounded I am, indeed not?"

I walked to the balcony and they followed.

I then asked, "My love had left had she not?"
To which they chorused, "Verily far had she gone."

I reached for the moon in yonder sky.

So they exclaimed, "You can never grasp the lady moon!"
To which I replied, "Indeed, I cannot."

I reached out and grabbed.

Again I whispered, "Verily, I cannot. Can I not?"
To which they affirmed, "Verily an impossible task."

I smiled and embraced my love.

And so I whispered, "But alas, I remember the love."
And so they whispered, "We are but mortal shells in the realm of thorns."

I closed my eyes and remembered.
There is no eternity, is there not?
Except perhaps that we once existed?

~ Eterna2

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